Monday, October 11, 2010


So, you've heard of the show called Hoarders, right? I actually have not seen a single episode, on account of the fact that it absolutely disgusts me. I kept seeing these commercials for the show and I would have to change the channel. Kind of like those ones that show the starving children and the abandoned puppies. I hate those commercials because they always make me cry. I hear the Sarah McLaughlin music and the tears just flow. Which is why I change the channel. But the commercials for Hoarders do not make me cry. They make me gag. I mean, how do people LIVE like that??? There are mice and maggots and who knows what else living in their stuff! It just makes me want to clean everything around me and take a shower. Gross.

But today, I realized something. I AM A HOARDER. Of clothing. I compulsively buy clothing. Weekly. I don't think a week goes by without me buying some article of clothing. It's a sickness, really. You would think that once I run out of room or hangers I would clean through and get rid of stuff I don't wear. But, I don't. I buy more hangers. I mean, come on! They are so cheap! A dollar for 10 whole hangers? Totally a good deal! And when I do get rid of clothing, I usually talk myself up to getting rid of 40% of my clothing. Buuuuuuuuuuuut, then I actually go through the clothes and get rid of maybe five things. You see, clothing holds memories for me. I remember where I was when I bought it, how happy I was wearing it for the first time, who I was with when I wore it, etc., etc., etc. That is why it is hard for me to get rid of them! I have an emotional attachment to my clothing. I need therapy.

However, today was the day! I have the day off, thanks to good ol' Christopher Columbus. So, in honor of him, I decided to clean out my closet. That, and I have nothing better to do since no one else has the day off. What is this world coming to? Anyway, I put my mind to it. If it didn't fit, it was gone. If I hadn't remembered the last time I wore it, bye-bye. If I thought, "Oh, I will totally wear this again!" and thought that the last time I did this, adios! So, how did I do? Thanks for asking! See for yourself...

You can't really tell, but that is A LOT of clothing right there. I would estimate that there are alt least 10 skirts, 15 shirts, 10 pairs of shorts/capris, and a few pairs of pants. I am pretty proud of myself. Yay me! :) But, the sad part is my closet is STILL full. But it looks a whole lot better! And I don't have to worry about dislocating a shoulder when trying to shove everything in anymore.