Monday, August 22, 2011

This is why my life should be a reality TV show...

I just got back from a mini trip to Provo, Utah for the wedding of my old roommate, Christina. I am so grateful that I was able to go and be there on her wedding day. She looked so beautiful! And like the goober that I am, I didn't take any pictures. At all. But it was such a great weekend. I was able to see lots of people who are so important to me. They are all people who have impacted my life in such positive ways and I am so thankful to have each and every one of them in my life :) Utah is such a happy place for me that it is always good to go back and remember the great times that I had there. It was a great trip!

This was also the first trip that I have ever taken and not had to rely on anyone. I felt like such a grown-up! I drove myself to the airport, rented a car in Utah, and stayed at a hotel. It was fabulous! The hotel was like a little mini apartment and I fell in love with it! I told my dad that I would love to permanently move there in that very room. I don't think it would be very cost effective though. Bummer. It was really cute though.

This was my very first time renting a car. It was a pretty big car! They gave me a Ford Taurus. The thing about rental cars is you are not used to them at all. And they don't give you any information about them, except for the owner's manual in the glove box. But who has time to read that when they are on vacation??? Not this girl! Anyway, when it came time to turn this car back in I had to find a gas station close to the airport to fill it up. I was running a little later than I wanted to be so I just wanted to hurry and fill up the car. Only when I pulled up into the gas station did I realize that I had no idea where the buttons or functions on this car were to make this possible. But I thought to myself, "how hard could it be?" On my car there is a lever that is clearly marked to open the door leading to the gas cap. I did a quick look at the buttons and couldn't find anything. So I scanned the levers near the driver's seat. Nothing. So I looked again. And again. By the third or fourth look-over, panic started to set in. Which then turned into a little mini freak out session where I may or may not have said some words I am not supposed to. I didn't know how to fill up this stupid car with gas and I was going to be late for my flight! I was close to tears.

Then this crazy man comes up to the car (my door was open) and tries to sell me meat. I was in panic mode so I wasn't the nicest person to him. The conversation pretty much went like this:

Meat man: "I am trying to get a promotion at work and the only way to do that is to sell more meat, so do you want to buy a steak?"

Me: (What???) "No, thank you. I am trying to make my flight and I am running late. I don't have time."

MM: "Oh, but these steaks will travel well! They are frozen and you can take them with you."

Me: "Please leave me alone."

I may have left out the please...

So I decided to look in the owner's manual, thinking there would be a diagram or a symbol or even an explanation of how to open the gas door. NOTHING! I got out of the car to look around hoping it would lead to some revelation of how to put gas in this stupid thing. This woman then comes up to me and asks me if I am leaving, to which I confide in her that I am too stupid to figure out how to get gas! I would have been embarrassed but I knew that I desperately needed help. Her daughter was running late for a job interview and all the other gas pumps were busy. Only in Utah would this woman stop what she was doing and help me. But still, two minds were not better than one. We looked at the key less entry button thingy, she looked around in the car, and still we could not figure it out. Then she pointed to a man who she thought worked there. So I approached him (complete side note: He was very good looking! Tall, dark, and handsome! Yum! ...okay, I'm done now...). He happened to be talking to the meat man at the time.

Me: "Excuse me? Do you work here?"

Man: "No, but I work there (pointing to a Direct TV van, which happened to also be a Ford)."

Me: "Oh! You drive a Ford! Can you help me?"

So, I again explained my predicament of stupidity and he took pity on me. He got in the car and searched as well. Then he busied himself with the owner's manual while we continued to look outside the vehicle. Meat man then got the attention of a gas station employee who joined in our mystery search. So for a good, solid two minutes there were FIVE PEOPLE trying to figure out how to open the door. FIVE! Then, by some miracle the woman who first helped me pushed on the door leading to the gas cap. And guess what? It opened! No lever, no button, no NOTHING! We were all dumbfounded and I was relieved! In the end, we all celebrated our victory and parted ways. I was not late for my flight and it gave me something to shake my head and laugh about the whole way home. I swear things like this only happen to me.

Stupid car.